[An article]( ) by the new yorker from the 25 years of magic: the gathering. It talks a lot about the efforts WotC have undertaken in the last few years to make the game more inclusive, and I always like seeing Wizards talking about this because they’re honest: they say clearly that inclusivity, while it’s a good thing in and of itself, is also and most importantly a way for them to reach more people and sell more cards. And I like this kind of honesty.

(also I like that the game is becoming more inclusive and that the sexists and racists and LGBTphobes are being booted out of that community, of course)

@wxcafe and unfortunately all those jerks are homing in on the dog whistles White Wolf is sending out :/ But yeah, I'm really impressed by of a lot of their D&D work too

@falkreon lots to unpack here and I don’t wanna have a conversation about RPG systems but :
- white wolf games have never had anything but their setting going for them,
- dnd isn’t a good rpg;
That being said:
- idk how to feel about the conservatives/fash rallying around a single game. It makes them easier to spot at least. I mean, I would prefer if they would fuck off but...
- yeah wizard’s efforts on inclusivity in dnd are really great

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