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lol remember how they translated "my lesbian experience with loneliness" by "solitude of another kind", completely erasing the gay? fuckers

when you've gotta go to work

incidentally I have to go to work, and since triaging my pictures isn't part of my job description I'll have to continue this thread later o/

selfie, eye contact 

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@wxcafe I don't have the guts to ride a fixed gear

@pato I mean you can do fixed-gear with brakes and stuff and there's no safety problems, but... idk it's more inconvenient, I'm not good at it, and it doesn't have any benefits for me so.

@wxcafe moi quand je sort de mr bricolage avec des lattes

@wxcafe j'y ai pensé après. en plus c'est vrai qu'il y a des machines à café à la sortie des magasins de bricolage

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