UX for desktop calendar apps is horrible, but UX in linux desktop calendar apps is way, way worse.

Evolution has a "save changes" button and a "exit saving changes" button.

which of these looks like "save" and which looks like "discard"? keep in mind they're 64px high on a total display area that's 3000x2160 for me.

also why is there a print button for a single task. shouldn't this be in like "options" or whatever

then you've got this "24" button that does the same thing as this checkbox in the general tab

and that last button? it's "should this show as busy or not", and there's no other place to set this... except, of course, in the "options" menu

because of course there's an "options" menu, that contains:

  • reminders (a shortcut to the reminders tab)
  • recurrence (a shortcut to the recurrence tab)
  • attachments (a shortcut to the attachments tab)
  • an "attendees" checkbox (apparently not anywhere else
  • an "all day even" checkbox (third way to set this)
  • a "show time as busy" checkbox (second way to set this)
  • a "classification" submenu, which is apparently the only way to set this

and then you have reminders. the default option is none, but you can also have:

  • 15 minutes before,
  • 1 hour before,
  • 1 day before,
  • custom

where "custom" is "write your own damn reminder schedule, nerd"

and there is no "at time of event" option, so you have to go to custom and set one for 0 minutes before start.

(what's this weird text box labelled "options"? idk, and I can't select it. 🤷 )

recurrence defaults to "every one day for 2 occurences". while it's nice there's a "for n occurences" setting, it should probably be "forever" by default? and also it shows the times it will recurr as bold on the calendar, which looks like SHIT and is absolutely not readable...

anyway, I'm frustrated there's no way to screenshot an open menu in gnome (the keyboard shortcut doesn't do anything while a menu is open 🤷)

and also this is pretty bad UI, but I'm gonna go back to adding my chores to my chores calendar now.


how many events do I have for Saturday the 10th?

that's right, the answer is "any number over 2". see the little [...] thingy under the events? it means "I've got more but no room to show you". Nice. Thanks. and if you click it... it takes you to "day" view! instead of showing you the full list!! hnnng

like ideally they would reduce the size of the event boxes dynamically, and if they need to hide some of them put a [more] button rather than just [...]; and when you click it it expends the day in question... but at the very least it should show you the full list, not take you to another view. hnng

hey also you have no way to order the calendars, they're always in alphabetical orders... and the default one for new events is always the first. Hope you like calling that Main calendar aaa-Main so that it shows before Chores lol

even worse: sometimes it shows it in italics, not in bold, and it's even more unreadable

(also this "every 2 months on the first Saturday" setting does... the day I set, then every 2 months on the first saturday... so here it's not the first saturday for August...)

@wxcafe Wait, does the big X by the outbox icon mean "save and then leave"? I would have guessed it meant "leave without saving"

@wxcafe in my case, I'm sad that the cursor included is emulated, because it's a pain in the ass to take a screenshot to show different cursor on an element in a web page…

@wxcafe for example I set a cursor: grab on a div, if I take a screenshot with the cursor on that div, the cursor in the picture will be the default one and not the grab one

@wxcafe if you open the screenshot app, there is a checkbox to include or not the cursor 💡

@wxcafe I always take the time to rebind the imppr ecran with it and options I like (to take only a part of the screen and not the whole one)

@darckcrystale I use ctrl-shift-p for "select part of screen" and ctrl-shift-o for "screenshot the whole thing". works on gnome through the keyboard shortcuts thing, and works on i3 through i3 keybindings and a simple script. works on all keyboards (the keyboardIO has [print screen] on Fn-z by default, I think I don't have a mapping for it anymore now)

Q: why hasn't linux on the desktop taken over the corporate world
A: outlook is the only calendar that works

@wxcafe This is literally true: businesses want to move, but if you can't match Outlook, they won't do it.

@wxcafe Both in terms of features like "the CEO"s secretary can send mail on their behalf" and in terms of "the calendar works and the buttons make sense"

@wxcafe I know it's not funny but that whole thread makes me nervously laugh

@Eramdam oh it’s fine, i can live with that, I’ve used worse. I’m an admin lol, struggling with bad interfaces is pretty much my job

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